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PRODUCTSPersonal training & Health Promotion
ADDRESS1-3927 Edmonton Trail NE Calgary, AB
CONTACT DETAILSTel: 403.617.7738
Email: info[at]
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Per Noi is owned by Nic Russo. He is not a personal trainer rather, he is a strength and conditioning coach who is dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals.

Per Noi is the pursuit of optimum health by encompassing the whole self. Not only the body but also the mind, soul, and emotion


  • Communication & Leadership Development
  • Exercise Physiology

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Per Nio’s clients:

“I am writing this on behalf of Nic Russo to express my appreciation and gratitude for the physical and mental transformation I have obtained from him becoming my trainer a year ago. Nic has helped me achieve many – if not all – of my physical goals.

Nic is a remarkable trainer; he is very detail oriented and passionate about physical fitness and he always stresses the importance of proper form to prevent injuries. Nic recognizes what motivates each individual and he provides me with what I need to achieve my goals, and he has continued to do so with each session. Nic brings out the best in me and is very encouraging, which helps me keep my self-confidence high to accomplish things I though I couldn’t. Nic is a true professional.”

Here’s another one:

“I have known Nic for several years and it has always blown me away how he has the ability to maintain such a passion for physical health and not only ‘talk the talk but also walk the walk‘. To watch Nic’s enthusiasm and drive around his students (I call them students because they chose him to teach them) is motivating enough to change the dynamics of everyone around him for the better. He is the idealistic example of health that every personal trainer should strive to be like. But he is so much more than just fitness and knowledge. He is so extremely friendly and personable that you instantly feel as though the two of you have been friends for a long time. He has the ability to motivate people no matter what level or ability they are at when beginning with him. He listens to your goals and gives you the tools and support to get you there.
My job requires that my colleagues and I maintain a high level of physical fitness. We all consider ourselves to be in shape and able to perform at a fairly high level. I recently introduced my colleagues to Nic so that he could put us through a circuit program of his choice. He ran us through one of the hardest (and best) workouts of our lives. His style of instruction grabbed our attention immediately and held it for the entire duration or our time together. Every single one of those who attended that day all concur that Nic is great at what he does and cannot wait until the next time.
For the person who is looking at just starting to get into shape and making healthy living a life choice or those who are looking at taking their workouts to a level they never even imagined possible, Nic Russo is the person you are looking for. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!!”