About me and why I do what I do

Nic Russo

I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and grew up playing every sport under the sun. In High School I wrestled and played community soccer. I loved soccer so much I continued to play for over 9 years, going from community league all the way up to Men’s League, Division 1 and Premier. In 1998 I even had the chance to travel to Italy to be scouted.

I couldn’t imagine my life without Fitness, without moving, and without pushing myself to the limit. When I wake up and get ready for work, I’m not just going to work, I’m living what I truly love to do! Seeing someone accomplish something they thought they couldn’t do, while helping them to balance their mind, body and soul provides for me, tremendous satisfaction. I understand the struggles, and know the highs and lows, having lived a full life athletically. As a result, I have learned the discipline needed, and am more then willing to share my knowledge, so that you too can have success in achieving your goals.

Even though I finished my formal training years ago, I feel like I will never be done learning. Any opportunity I get to stay informed, to try a new method, or to absorb new information, I take full advantage of. I am constantly looking to improve on my self and my coaching applications. This in turn, helps to provide me with the skills necessary to tailor a program specific to the individual. One that I am confident will be appropriate and produce results.

In short, I am not a personal trainer. I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach who is passionate about what I do. Whose belief and motivation for anyone looking to make a life change, and for more then just a ‘beach body’, is inexhaustible.

I will push you and be your biggest supporter, never giving up on you, for as long as you never give up on yourself.

– Nic Russo