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What’s The Best Advice You Have Ever Received?

One of the best things my good friend Nic Russo, Founder and Strength and Conditioning expert of Per Noi ( said when I asked Him about supplements? Real Food! Good, fresh, healthy meals, fruit and vegetables will always trump meal replacement and supplements, so take the time for real food other than processed wannabes!” His other favorite line is “Never Give Up!! I always tell myself this. Once you start something – finish it! Follow through with all your workouts – no half stepping. Half steps = half gains!!

– Mike Briscoe, Toronto ON


Aids In The Development Of A Positive Attitude


In All Your Thoughts And Actions


To Ones Self Is Crucial


Always. And You’ll Always BE Your Best


I am writing this on behalf of Nic Russo to express my appreciation and gratitude for the physical and mental transformation I have obtained from him becoming my trainer a year ago. Nic has helped me achieve many – if not all – of my physical goals.

Nic is a remarkable trainer; he is very detail oriented and passionate about physical fitness and he always stresses the importance of proper form to prevent injuries. Nic recognizes what motivates each individual and he provides me with what I need to achieve my goals, and he has continued to do so with each session. Nic brings out the best in me and is very encouraging, which helps me keep my self-confidence high to accomplish things I though I couldn’t. Nic is a true professional.

– Clive Walters