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What’s The Best Advice You Have Ever Received?

One of the best things my good friend Nic Russo, Founder and Strength and Conditioning expert of Per Noi ( said when I asked Him about supplements? Real Food! Good, fresh, healthy meals, fruit and vegetables will always trump meal replacement and supplements, so take the time for real food other than processed wannabes!” His other favorite line is “Never Give Up!! I always tell myself this. Once you start something – finish it! Follow through with all your workouts – no half stepping. Half steps = half gains!!

– Mike Briscoe, Toronto ON



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I was a complete novice to the gym when I first walked through the door 2 years ago. That was the day I met Strength and Conditioning Coach Nic Russo. With an extensive 30 year history of orthopedic injuries, chronic pain, joint replacements and some personal losses it was finally time to take control over my health, life and well being.

Having sustained many falls and fractures my confidence, balance, endurance and overall gait had been greatly compromised. Nic started working with me that day! Through various exercises he was quickly able to assess my issues and determine a starting point. From that day on Nic has given me nothing but encouragement and support, showing me that I can overcome the restrictions in my life, overcoming my fears and helping me realize and achieve goals that are important in my life.

Nic demands a lot ….. but I love a challenge too! We have a great individualized exercise program that he continually updates ….. and it is never boring! Even when exercises/movements take a few classes to master, Nic is always patient and believes getting the form right is more important then the number of reps a person can do incorrectly. I really appreciate his scrutiny as then I get the maximum benefit in the end.

Its not all hard work! We have a lot of laughs … mainly at my inability to remember what exercises we are doing that day. He is excellent at explaining the benefits of a particular exercise and always listens if I have a query. He has also helped me clean up my eating habits so now I am mindful regarding nutrition and have a far more healthy regime. I train with Nic 2x/wk for 1 hr. With his focus on strengthening and conditioning I have been able to reclaim my life and not be held hostage by chronic pain and injuries.

I am living proof that anyone can improve their lives if they will just try. Fitness level and age are not barriers to a better life. Determination plus sound guidance with Nic Russo has taken me far. The change in my feeling of well being is staggering! I have more energy, no pain, phenomenal stamina. Definitely the best I have felt in 3 decades. I know its me doing the work, but it is Nic Russo who has made this all possible. His enthusiasm is contagious. His approach of dealing with Mind, Body, Soul and Emotion is the key to what makes Nic the best S&C Coach I could have.

– Janet Hogan