As Featured in Men’s Health:

What’s The Best Advice You Have Ever Received?

One of the best things my good friend Nic Russo, Founder and Strength and Conditioning expert of Per Noi ( said when I asked Him about supplements was: “You know what’s better than supplements? Real Food! Good, fresh, healthy meals, fruit and vegetables will always trump meal replacement and supplements, so take the time for real food other than processed wannabes!” His other favorite line is “Never Give Up!! I always tell myself this. Once you start something – finish it! Follow through with all your workouts – no half stepping. Half steps = half gains!!

Mike Briscoe, Toronto ON

1Hard Work

Aids In The Development Of A Positive Attitude

2Be Present

In All Your Thoughts And Actions


To Ones Self Is Crucial.

4Do Your Best

Always.  And You’ll Always BE Your Best


  • “I started training with Nic about 2 years ago. I have been to many gyms over the past 12 years and being a police officer with the RCMP I think that it is important to maintain a higher state of physical fitness. I have always been one to train hard and be focused but since training with Nic I have become even more focused but also determined to do better.. read more ..”