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What’s The Best Advice You Have Ever Received?

One of the best things my good friend Nic Russo, Founder and Strength and Conditioning expert of Per Noi ( said when I asked Him about supplements? Real Food! Good, fresh, healthy meals, fruit and vegetables will always trump meal replacement and supplements, so take the time for real food other than processed wannabes!” His other favorite line is “Never Give Up!! I always tell myself this. Once you start something – finish it! Follow through with all your workouts – no half stepping. Half steps = half gains!!

– Mike Briscoe, Toronto ON


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In All Your Thoughts And Actions


To Ones Self Is Crucial


Always. And You’ll Always BE Your Best


I have been training with Nic Russo for several months and I highly recommend him as a trainer and fitness program designer.

I have been weight training for 8+ years on my own as well as playing competitive rugby. I was lucky enough to have had the experience to train with both strength trainers as well as certified cross-fit trainers. I have gleaned a certain amount of information from all the trainers I have encountered in the past but Nic has been the only one to design a workout program that emphasized Cardio and managed to keep it interesting and entertaining.

I have recommended Nic’s classes to all of my friends who currently exercise doing traditional weight lifting. I have found Nic to be a positive motivator, organized instructor and a creative trainer. He was able to make plyometrics interesting and has renewed my interest in working out and shed light on topics I otherwise would not have known.

– John Jeffrey