What my clients have to say about my work

I have been training with Nic Russo for several months and I highly recommend him as a trainer and fitness program designer.

I have been weight training for 8+ years on my own as well as playing competitive rugby. I was lucky enough to have had the experience to train with both strength trainers as well as certified cross-fit trainers. I have gleaned a certain amount of information from all the trainers I have encountered in the past but Nic has been the only one to design a workout program that emphasized Cardio and managed to keep it interesting and entertaining.

I have recommended Nic’s classes to all of my friends who currently exercise doing traditional weight lifting. I have found Nic to be a positive motivator, organized instructor and a creative trainer. He was able to make plyometrics interesting and has renewed my interest in working out and shed light on topics I otherwise would not have known.

– John Jeffrey

I was a complete novice to the gym when I first walked through the door 2 years ago. That was the day I met Strength and Conditioning Coach Nic Russo. With an extensive 30 year history of orthopedic injuries, chronic pain, joint replacements and some personal losses it was finally time to take control over my health, life and well being.

Having sustained many falls and fractures my confidence, balance, endurance and overall gait had been greatly compromised. Nic started working with me that day! Through various exercises he was quickly able to assess my issues and determine a starting point. From that day on Nic has given me nothing but encouragement and support, showing me that I can overcome the restrictions in my life, overcoming my fears and helping me realize and achieve goals that are important in my life.

Nic demands a lot ….. but I love a challenge too! We have a great individualized exercise program that he continually updates ….. and it is never boring! Even when exercises/movements take a few classes to master, Nic is always patient and believes getting the form right is more important then the number of reps a person can do incorrectly. I really appreciate his scrutiny as then I get the maximum benefit in the end.

Its not all hard work! We have a lot of laughs … mainly at my inability to remember what exercises we are doing that day. He is excellent at explaining the benefits of a particular exercise and always listens if I have a query. He has also helped me clean up my eating habits so now I am mindful regarding nutrition and have a far more healthy regime. I train with Nic 2x/wk for 1 hr. With his focus on strengthening and conditioning I have been able to reclaim my life and not be held hostage by chronic pain and injuries.

I am living proof that anyone can improve their lives if they will just try. Fitness level and age are not barriers to a better life. Determination plus sound guidance with Nic Russo has taken me far. The change in my feeling of well being is staggering! I have more energy, no pain, phenomenal stamina. Definitely the best I have felt in 3 decades. I know its me doing the work, but it is Nic Russo who has made this all possible. His enthusiasm is contagious. His approach of dealing with Mind, Body, Soul and Emotion is the key to what makes Nic the best S&C Coach I could have.

– Janet Hogan

I started training with Nic about 2 years ago. I have been to many gyms over the past 12 years and being a police officer with the RCMP I think that it is important to maintain a higher state of physical fitness. I have always been one to train hard and be focused but since training with Nic I have become even more focused but also determined to do better. Nic motivates you but doesn’t make you feel like you are an idiot if you can’t do something. He is patient and will take all the time it needs to show you how to perform the exercise properly. Every day is a new workout focusing on different muscle groups or techniques. I find it challenging but also love how it’s never the same thing. I find training with Nic that it pushes me beyond my comfort zone but in a good way. I’m naturally a competitive person and I find the challenges welcoming. Two years ago I was in a situation that pushed me physically and mentally in my job and made me question my physical abilities. Today I don’t question if I would be able to handle myself in that situation as I know now that I would definitely be able to physically and mentally. Training isn’t just about being stronger, faster, leaner, its also mental, whether you are up for pushing yourself harder, more intense and out of your normal comfort zone. Nic reminds us every day that life can throw something at you that you have no idea is coming and asks will you be able to handle it and work through it. The answer is Yes.

I also train to run half marathons and since training with Nic I have knocked 10 minutes off my time. My goal was to run it in 2 hours and I achieved that goal twice last year! Now I want to run under 2 hours and with Nic’s help I know I will be able to obtain that goal. Nic isn’t only a great trainer but he also takes the time to know who you are, what you do, etc. He cares about who you are and that’s a rare trait to find in trainers, that I have found throughout the years.

I would highly recommend anyone to train with Nic as he will take you beyond your comfort zone and push you harder that you think you can go. But in the end it’s totally worth the battle!

– K. Currie

I am writing this on behalf of Nic Russo to express my appreciation and gratitude for the physical and mental transformation I have obtained from him becoming my trainer a year ago. Nic has helped me achieve many – if not all – of my physical goals.

Nic is a remarkable trainer; he is very detail oriented and passionate about physical fitness and he always stresses the importance of proper form to prevent injuries. Nic recognizes what motivates each individual and he provides me with what I need to achieve my goals, and he has continued to do so with each session. Nic brings out the best in me and is very encouraging, which helps me keep my self-confidence high to accomplish things I though I couldn’t. Nic is a true professional.

– Clive Walters

I have been training with Nic and attending his bootcamps for over a year. I see his enthusiasm and passion for physical fitness shine through his dedication to his clients learning needs, fitness goals, and genuine interest in their success’. He enables accountability for achievement and is not deterred by potential protestations when inviting higher standards or stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Personally, he is patient and easy-going with his instructions with me when I am learning new skills, movements or improving my form, and he is sensitive to my objectives for improvement. Ultimately, I have seen results, and he invites a desire to continuously ‘raise the bar’.

– Steve Shantz

Nic Russo has been my primary gym instructor at Platoon FX Fitness in Calgary for close to two years now. He has been a fundamental part in turning my life around for the better. When we first met I most certainly wasn’t where I wanted to be physically. Nic took the time to get to know me, what would work and how to bring out my best. I can say, without Nic’s enthusiasm and genuine nature I would not have progressed to the level that I’m at right now.

Nic possesses a tremendous understanding of the Human condition at all its levels. Body, mind and spirit. I am older than most who attend PFX and my body does show that on occasion. An even bigger challenge for me is my mental game. Nic knows without hesitation, when to push me and when to turn it down a notch. Without these elements I know I would have quit a long time ago. I have grown to respect Nic and consider him a good friend.

– Sean Agnew

I have been working out in different gyms and disciplines for nearly 20 years. During this time, there has been a constant theme that I have noticed and it drives me crazy. I hate when personal trainers live by the motto of “do as I say, not as I do” As far as I’m concerned, if you are going to teach people how to be healthy and fit, you better be an idealistic example that your students can look to and strive to obtain through very hard work and determination.

I have known Nic for several years and it has always blown me away how he has the ability to maintain such a passion for physical health and not only ‘talk the talk but also walk the walk‘. To watch Nic’s euntusiasm and drive around his students (I call them students because they chose him to teach them) is motivating enough to change the dynamics of everyone around him for the better. He is the idealistic example of health that every personal trainer should strive to be like. But he is so much more than just fitness and knowledge. He is so extremely friendly and personable that you instantly feel as though the two of you have been friends for a long time. He has the ability to motivate people no matter what level or ability they are at when beginning with him. He listens to your goals and gives you the tools and support to get you there.

My job requires that my colleagues and I maintain a high level of physical fitness. We all consider ourselves to be in shape and able to perform at a fairly high level. I recently introduced my colleagues to Nic so that he could put us through a circuit program of his choice. He ran us through one of the hardest (and best) workouts of our lives. His style of instruction grabbed our attention immediately and held it for the entire duration or our time together. Every single one of those who attended that day all concur that Nic is great at what he does and cannot wait until the next time.

For the person who is looking at just starting to get into shape and making healthy living a life choice or those who are looking at taking their workouts to a level they never even imagined possible, Nic Russo is the person you are looking for. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!!

– Constable of the Calgary Tactical Unit